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What is Ami's Cats NFT ?
AMI'S CATS is an NFT collection created by my daughter Amelia (Ami 8yo) and me.
She loves cats and loves to draw them so she created 7 different characters. I used my experience to create and launch a limited collection of 200 "cards". Mixing different characters with backgrounds and developing different rarities.
Ami wanted to do something for cats that "are not as happy as Molly" (Molly is our real cat) so 30% of royalties was allocated to go Cat Rescue Centers voted on by the community.

After launch the project was "spotted" by Tom Bilyeu, of whom Ami's I have been a long term fan. This led to amazing exposure on twitter which then led to more NFT influencers promoting my little girl's project.

After few days of the craze the project was SOLD OUT!!!

After initial overwhelm, the whole family started to work on AMI'S PARCEL - special delivery for Ami's Cats Holders.
Special collectible gifts for our holders
The surprise parcel contained custom made collectibles designed and made by hand by Ami and her family
The Next Evolution
We've noticed the excitement of Ami's friends and their parents as we shared our project. Questions of how to get other kids involved started to pop up.
Parents involved in NFTs got inspired and wanted to repeat our success but the lack of skills or time got in the way.

Then the idea was born: to use our experience in launching a collection but this time with the involvement of other kids who want to see their art in the NFT world.

When developing the original collection I didn't just want to scan Ami's drawings and throw it up on Opensea. No "low effort" in this family :) SoI did 3d renderings, modeling and other visual improvements, and the same OR EVEN MORE we want to do with all the kids' art in V2.

Here's how it works...
How to take part?
Your kids artwork will be used as a body texture of 3D versions of the original Ami's Cats. Here are the simple steps to get involved:
  • Download the Cat Body template
  • Give it to your kid and let them create
  • Take a photo of their creation and send to us
  • Provide their ETH address for their FREE NFT
The artwork submit form, rules and details on how to take the photo will arrive in your email after downloading the template
What's our WHY?
We get to create a community of NFT parents and your kids will be introduced to NFTs,
But there's this quote by Albert Einstein:
“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough”
We, the crypto people, understand blockchain and NFTs by breathing it:) We feel with every cell in our body how it works and why it's the future. But when it comes to explaining it to others - we're not that great.
So.... when you get your kids involved, they will ask you questions. 
And you will have to formulate your thoughts, simplify things and get better at explaining this amazing technology that will surround them when they grow up.
And yes we'll help more cat charities, Ami's college fund may get a nice injection for all this work, flippers will make some cash, but on top of that I really hope that you will get to spend more time together and your kids endup will their very own professional looking 3d NFT in their brand new wallet that you will set up for them in the process.

On top of that we want to get whole families educated and involved in the crypto/NFT space. I believe it's the future and getting your kid's auntie or even their granddad to understand what's happening in the "future" is going to be beneficial for them and the world. 

And overall, we want to have fun as a family, we have big plans, we want to keep creating in the "Crypto Education for Kids" space but we don't want Ami, your kids or even ourselves to think about floor price. We will love flippers but you will not see promises or road maps here. 
We are committed to create in this world, our reputation is most important for us, we have a track record of under-promising and over -delivering and we want to keep it this way. So if 10 EXing your holding is your goal, please don't mint, but if going on a journey with us while supporting young minds and heling to educate families around the world is something that resonates you, Let's Frickin Go :)

Mechanics and Catsonomics
We've got 5 backgrounds, 3 pendants and 7 Cat Characters that will be styled using your kids' drawings. 
From the submitted "skins", backgrounds and characters we will generate 1 of 1 NFTs with various rarities. 

Example (OUR GOAL):
100 submissions
100 x 7 characters x 5 backgrounds x 3 pedants / 3 (to allow for rarity)
= 3500 NFTs in the collection

In case of more submissions we will play with rarities to keep max 3500 total NFTs in the collection.

Mint Price: 0.075 ETH

Royalties: 6%
- 2% to Ami
- 2% to kids creators involved (in some legal way :) 
- 2% to Children / Cat Charities

Subscribe on the bottom of the page for updates. Generally speaking, whitelist spots will be given to genuine people who help us reach our goal of 100 submission by being active and helping to spread the word out there.
Free NFTs for the kids
Each child that submits his/her hand drawn cat body will receive 1x FREE NFT of the cat character of their choice with the body using their own drawing marked with CREATOR badge, making it truly unique and the top of the rarity tree.
Pre-Mint deal for the family
Each child will be able to nominate 6 family members to be included in the Family Pre-mint list.

Family Pre-mint benefits:

- Mint before everyone else with low gas
- Discounted mint price of 0.05 ETH (instead of 0.075)
- Minted NFTs are guaranteed to include your kid's art (with random rarity)

What we really want to achieve here is to provide education that will allow their granny, uncle, auntie to get a basic grasp of NFTs and with a help of parents to set them up with a ETH wallet. 
Not mentioning that their first EVER NFT will contain art of their grandchild / niece / nephews. How cool would that be?
Free NFTs for V1 OG Hodlers
For every Ami's Cat from the original collection you will receive the following number of FREE MINTS (+gas) in V2 + spot in Family Pre-mint (because you're a family now :)

Grass - 1x FREE MINT
Couch - 3x FREE MINTS
​Chocolate - 5x FREE MINTS
​Gold - 10x FREE MINTS
​Bubble Gum - 20x FREE MINTS
Still not sure what's this all about?
If you are new to Ami's Cats this may be overwhelming and not too clear, so...
You really have to watch the video
I'm a parent, I'm NEW to NFTs, I'm excited, tell me more
Welcome! We hope that this will prompt you to educate yourself on the topic (which we will help with). You will setup a crypto wallet for you and your kid and other members of your family. Your kid will get their first NFT, FREE. You will get your whole family involved and your kids will see their creation on an NFT market (trust us, it's exciting for the kids, AMI can confirm). But we really hope that this may be the beginning of an interesting new journey for you and your kids in the world of this amazing technology that they will be surrounded by when they grow up.
I'm a parent, I'm in NFT space, tell me more
If you are in the NFT space you have been tempted to launch something yourself. Possibly even something with your kid, because you see the value of going through the process and getting your kid involved early. But i didn't feel right just to scan a drawing and put it up on OPENSEA or you simply didn't have time for it. And now, maybe you like our story and want to be part of it and on top of that, your kid will get a FREE NFT with their Cat Body + you will finally have the opportunity to get other members of your family involved in this crazy space. There's literally no downside.
I don't have kids, I flip NFTs, why would I care?
Well, you can just support young minds entering the space, because that's what crypto should be about, but in terms of an upside potential, here's one possibility that may spark your interest: involved kids are not random, they are the kids of NFT folks. The NFT folks are special :) they will educate their kids in this space, that's a fact. Those kids grow up and do amazing things - in crypto or IRL... and you, my fren, are now holding an NFT with their first NFT artwork. Still...we love flippers, but please, if your main worry is going to be why the floor is low, please don't mint:) It's a fun, family project, let's keep it that way.
How can I help?
There's only one way: Share the VIDEO. This video does all the work. Interested or intrigued people will get involved, that's how this works. It's a number's game here. Let's get this video some views and leave the rest to us.

Or you can share this page.
Doxed Family :)
Hey, we are Chaszczewski Family, from Wroclaw, Poland
chasz(ami's dad)
mokozi(ami's mum)
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